Changes to Recruiting and Onboarding 2.0 Certification Requirements

This is a quick one for consultants that implement recruiting and onboarding, particularly Onboarding 2.0.

**Quick update – The deadline for recruiting consultants had been changed to December 31st.

Onboarding 2.0 Provisioning Access

Change in Requirements

As of September 14th 2020 consultants will need to be certified in both Onboarding 2.0 and Employee Central in order to get Onboarding 2.0 provisioning access. This is the case even if you have a separate Employee Central consultant responsible for that implementation.

The reason is that a mini Employee Central has to be configured in order to use Onboarding 2.0. The main data model for capturing new hire information is taken directly from the Succession Data model and Country Specific Succession Data Model. Basically you define a new

This is a bummer for me as recruiting and onboarding go together like peanut butter and jam. Employee Central is something I never plan to implement, other than the necessary mini version required for ONB 2.0. I’m going to take the Employee Central class next month as I like getting the context of why things work rather than just remember what was in the configuration guide.

Note also that the mini EC also holds true if you are using a non EC HRIS.

Also, also note. If you get provisioning before September 14th it won’t be taken away for that client.

Recruiting Provisioning Access

Change in Requirements

As of October 16th both THR83 Recruiter Experience (was Recruiting Management) and THR83 Candidate Experience (was Recruiting Marketing) certifications will be required to obtain provisioning access for recruiting projects.

For me this makes total sense as there are so many cross-over areas between the solutions and they are now considered part of the same recruiting solution.


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2 Responses

  1. Ixemin says:

    Is there any kba or any other official sap document, where are these conditions described?

    • Mark Ingram says:

      Hi There,

      When it was first announced, I learned it through the Jam groups in the Learning Hub. I couldn’t find a KBA that specifically talked about the EC requirement. If you go to certify or look at the delta certification for recruiting, you’ll see there are two certifications: Recruiter Experience and Candidate Experience.

      Cheers, Mark