Second Half 2020 SuccessFactors Recruiting Enhancements

The 2H 2020 release of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting brings 27 enhancements. For the most part they can be divided into Admin Improvements, Career Site Builder Functional Enhancements, Compliance. ODATA. The admin improvements are across the board between Recruiting Management, Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Posting. Though the “What’s New” viewer doesn’t say the source of the requirement, my feeling is that a decent amount are from Customer Improvement Requests. For those that want the details, you can find them here.

I’ll speculate that a lot of changes are occurring under the hood in preparation for significant user interface changes next year, notably in the Application Workbench. My hope is that SAP SuccessFactors are going to move the data model to MDF objects. That would significantly increase the flexibility of the user experience, allow the use of the same powerful workflow engine that Employee Central uses, etc. Probably a pipedream. I can hope. The high level roadmap seen at SuccessConnect is very heavy on usability improvements.

I’ll call out a few enhancement by category.


Support for Position Generic Object on Job Requisition and Job Offer
Referencing posiitions and using business rules for positions from ODATA is great. The ability to add multiple positions via ODATA is great for clients with custom req creation interfaces and high volume hiring.

Interview Scheduling

This doesn’t fall into the above categories but is super duper important. In the second half of 2021 Microsoft is ending the support of Basic Authentication which is used by SuccessFactors to read the calendars of employees to determine availability of interviewers. SuccessFactors now supports Modern Authentication. If you’re using Interview Scheduling Integration now take care of this before it becomes a last minute problem next year. You can find more information here.

Career Site Builder (CSB) Functionality

CSB has had significant improvements on the functional side, that affect layout and ease of page build. It’s also had functionality that did reside in Command Center move to CSB. I’ll cover that under Admin enhancements.

New Logo Component Within Custom Header
Previously a logo could be specified using a predelivered header. If a custom header was needed then the logo could only be specified as an image component. Different sizes for different devices had to be specified as different custom headers.

In the new release the customer header has an additional logo component that can have different sized images for different screensizes.

Spacing Improvements
There are now additional spacing options for text, tokens, and images.

Vector Graphics
SVG files are vector-based images that scale up and down very well because the placement of lines relative to each other id stored rather than actual pixels. This works great for vector based artwork, logos, anything with text.

Component Duplication
It can be a pain to create components that are the same and have to add the settings such as color, pixel sizes, font etc. individually to each one. Those editing the career site will love this.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can now be set up from Career Site Builder.

Site Integration
Site Integration information is now available in CSB. This includes Single Signon Key. Previously this was only in Command Center.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics IDs
These can now be set up on all career site pages, whereas before it was just at the site level.

Offer Details and Offer Letters
The list of offer details and offer letter templates can now be restricted using Role-Based Permissions (RBP). This is huge for customers with lots of offer letter where sometimes the wrong one is selected.

By Bye Recruiting Posting Credit Consumption Model
Credits were used to send pick and post postings to job boards. The model was a bit confusing. Though the annual recruiting subscription included posting credits, any additional credits were on top of the fees paid to the job boards. This may have discouraged some customers from using Recruiting Posting.

Recruiters Posting to Job Boards Are Notified of Success/Failure
It was a common question of “How do I know if my posting was sent successfully?”. Now the person triggering the posting gets an email.

Recruiting Posting Configuration Moved Out of Provisioning
Customers love it when they can do things themselves. Customers can now implement Recruiting Posting without the use of partners.

I haven’t included all of the enhancements in the above list. Check out the What’s New Viewer to see more. Platform and Analytics enhancement usually have a positive on other modules as well. Making Business Rules easier to implement is an example for this release.


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